Crypto Lifestyle Do you want to know, dear readers, why I am not at all interested in bitcoin rate? I do not even remember when I checked the course. And I tell you it honestly and sincerely. And at the same time, I am an active hodler, that is, a person who is oriented to cryptocurrency holding. I will tell you about the hodlers some other time, and today we will talk about the crypto lifestyle. And if you read this article to the end, you will understand a lot. The fact is that a very large group of people has already been formed on planet Earth, whose lifestyle could be called “crypto”. Who are these people that are fans of the crypto lifestyle? I will not name absolutely all the features now, but I will try to list only a few. 1. These are people who in the daily routine must have three items – Reading, Analysis and Learning. They absorb a huge amount of information not only about cryptocurrency, but also about the technologies of the future. They analyze not only the bitcoin rate, but also the direction of society movement in the whole. They are studying. Yes, self-education is the most important of these three features. 2. As a rule, you will not find the TV in the houses of these people. They are ashamed to have this shit in the house. They are able to draw conclusions about what is happening around themselves and do not need someone to manipulate them. 3. These people try to invest more in themselves – in their self-education, in their health, in improving the quality of life. They, as a rule, do not spend their life time to pay crazy money on “stone, wood and iron”. I hope you understand what I’m talking about. 4. These people love life and appreciate it. They like good (no matter what) music, comfortable clothes, they appreciate humor and try to get as much positive emotions from life as possible and do not focus on the negative that someone is trying to insert into their brain. 5. These people are not afraid of the Future and do not cling to the Past by any means. They respect their own and others’ memories, but they are more focused on what will be and not on what has already happened. It is for this reason that I have little concern about talking about whether the rate of bitcoin is growing or falling. I do not react at all to those assholes who say that “crypto is a bubble” and “blockchain is a temporary game of geeks”. On the other hand, I can confidently state that crypto lifestyle is my style and the lifestyle of my family. If you are also fans of this lifestyle, then you can find many answers to questions on this page or in any other articles on Levelnaut website. Boris Siomin,

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