Ekonty at my PR laboratory Today is the day of reviews. Writing the last review, I mentioned “one more crypto social network”, that meanwhile doesn’t have its own coin, but uses fiat. This network is called Ekonty and today we will have a look at it. The functionality of this project is familiar to us very well, this is not the first site built on this platform, so it’s pretty easy to navigate here. On the other hand, there are quite active modules that are not so active in other crypto social networks. In this case, I mean the Market and Play Tube. But the forum on Ekonty is also empty yet. It is also interesting that the most popular hashtags on Ekonty are Withdraws, Payouts and DigilaAsetExchange. Thus, it is quite possible that in the future we will see a cryptocurrency exchange here as well. Such a conclusion can be made by reading about the project’s mission: “Lowering the cost of communication and bringing the globe village closer through Creativity and innovation”. You are not mistaken, exactly the word “village” is written here and I really like it, because in my opinion, the Internet is just a big village. Of course, you can say, dear readers, that this project has not paid much attention to cryptocurrency and bitcoin, but we are well aware that the near future is impossible without this, and most likely this project will also focus on crypto finance. At the same time, Ekonty already has a curatorship system, boosters (you can make your PRO account) and even its own referral program. Here is the link to register with the project https://www.ekonty.com/?ref=borishaifa in case you want to join my team. At the moment, the Ekonty project has been already included into my main list of crypto social networks TOP100 on the Levelnaut website. But we will closely monitor how events develop and determine the level of interest of the team in the development of cryptocurrency and crypto networks. Boris Siomin, levelnaut.com

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