I wrote this poem today… It’s ALWAYS about FLOWERS!!! A bud by any other name IS STILL THE SAME!!! Wake up and SMELL THE FLOWERS!!! “Roses are red, my weed is green, until I’m dead, I shall inhale! Violets are blue & so are you, Ever since you know this is true Pot for the WIN! Smoke ‘til I’m DEAD! I enjoy it! Body and head! And I inhale! So much SWEET SMOKE!!! Weed WILL PREVAIL, Grab the next toke!!! I am so stoned again SO stoned I will smoke on from this huge bong until I can’t Losing my pants I am couch locked! I am SO FUCKED! This weed is LIT, THIS BUD AINT SHIT!!! Pass the dutchie on the left side Pass it around, Please, all around, toking as long as you can hold, smoking ain’t wrong BE PROUD, BE BOLD!!! Fuck the system! Fuck the system! Fuck the system! We won’t let them! We won’t let them! We won’t let them! Bogart that joint! Bigot this joint! Bullshit this point! Stand up and SHOUT, What it’s about! Free the Ganja! Free the Ganja! MARIJUANA!!!” ©2019 The Reverend Maelstrohm Black #poetry #marijuana #smokeio #smoke #smokenetwork #weed #cannabis #legal #canada #MaelstrohmBlackWeedVlog #MaelstrohmBlack #original #content

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