Promotion. New services I know that you are waiting for this very information. Of course, I carefully watch everything that happens in the field of promotion and constantly add new services to my list, and also carefully analyze them using all the options. If you do not have time to read this article, then this is not a problem – here is the link and you yourself will figure it all out . I just want to draw your attention to the newest projects that have recently been added to the list. The first one, Alexamaster is not new to the market, but unfortunately I just didn’t pay attention to it before. But now it has been added to the list, and if you have not registered yet, do it right now. And the second project is Eaglewok autosurfing, which is also actually not that new. But first, it was recently acquired by the famous иес faucet MultiCoinFaucet (I also have it on Levelnaut – look for the Best Projects banner) and now it’s not only manual and auto-surfing, but also a service that allows you to earn BTC. And one more thing. First of all, there will be big changes in the draft yellA in a week and I will tell about them in one of the following articles. And secondly, as you probably already know the promotion service on the Levelnaut website, which I call My Media, also changed a lot. And if you want information about your company/project/business/idea/news to be distributed as efficiently as possible, you can do it for just 100$ now. More details about this are also written on the Levelnaut website (you can easily find the banner you need) on the right side of the sidebar. In short, your information will be distributed on approximately 200 platforms, which means that each publication will cost only about… 0.5 USD. I also want to remind you that I have been working in the field of SMM and SEO since 2003. A large number of Internet users have become my readers, subscribers and customers. More than 250 thousand of them regularly visit my blogs, groups and channels. Therefore, if you need a serious promotion, then you can also get it without any problems. Good luck in your promotion Boris Siomin,

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