Abandoned House of Ilusorio family in San Ildefonso, Bulacan also known as Bahay na Pula It was constructed in 1929 on the lands of the Ilusorio family as a family mansion with two storey’s. It was made largely out of wood and painted red on the outside, giving it its name. The house was surrounded by large gardens filled with tamarind, camachile, and duhat trees. During the Japanese occupation of the Philippines in 1942 the house was confiscated by the Imperial Japanese Army and used as barracks and became a place where so-called local comfort women were forced to work. Due to the crimes against humanity committed by the soldiers in it, the mansion was abandoned by the family after the war and became a haunted house. The house was partially dismantled after 2014 and is in danger of collapse Bahay na Pula named that way because literally the whole color of the house is red. There are some “rumors” that there are living spirits inside the house and seem to be a haunted house for everyone who seen it. Bahay na Pula, like other old houses all over the country, is not famous because of its haunted stories but because of its landmarks that tells a heart-breaking story about the sacrifices of our fellow Filipinos #BahayNaPula

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