Abandoned Paco Railway Station at Save the Paco Railroad Station, Abandoned railroad station, Philippine National Railways, Philippine National Railway – Pnr Paco Station, Paco railway station Paco, Manila is a station on the Southrail line of the Philippine National Railways. It serves Paco in Manila, Metro Manila. This is also the last station beside Quirino Avenue before turning left towards Pres. Sergio Osmena Hi Way (formerly South Super Highway). It was originally built across Plaza Dilao in 1915, which was during the American colonial period. The old station, however, was partly demolished in 1996 by a developer that begun constructing a shopping mall next to it. The demolition was not completed due to the cancellation of the mall construction, leaving the facade intact up to now. In 2009, the old station was replaced with a new station at the corner of Quirino Avenue and Pedro Gil Street. #Paco

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