Abandoned El Fraile Island, also known as Fort Drum at Corregidor, Corregidor Philippines, Ternate Cavite Philippines El Fraile Island, also known as Fort Drum, is a “concrete battleship” that the Americans built in 1909. On a little islet of rocks, a concrete structure 350 feet long and 144 feet wide was built. The 40-foot high, 30-foot thick walls were fortified and ready for all sorts of naval attacks. This unique structure, resembling a battleship and complete with armored turrets, is the only one of its kind in the world. Heavily armed with some of the biggest cannons and guns at the time, Fort Drum was the most powerful of the American coastal defenses in the Philippines. During the Japanese invasion of the Philippines, Fort Drum was able to inflict heavy casualties at the forces invading Corregidor, despite undergoing heavy shelling from Japanese howitzers in nearby Ternate,Cavite. After the fall of Corregidor, Fort Drum surrendered to the Japanese, marking the end of American resistance in the Philippines. In 1945, during the US offensive in Manila, American troops pumped fuel into Fort Drum and ignited it, killing all the Japanese soldiers inside and laying the once-great structure to ruins. #ElFraile

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