Sunken Cemetery, Camiguin Island Sunken Cemetery can be traced back during the 1871 volcanic eruption of the Old Volcano known as Mt. Vulcan and earthquake which destroyed the entire capital of the ancient Camiguin Island founded during the Spanish era. History states that the Old Volcano of Camiguin had four historical eruptions. First of which was during the 1827 period. Second of this eruption was around the year of 1862 which killed hundreds of its people. The third eruption and most historically significant was in 1871 which made the entire capital of Camiguin Island with its Spanish Church (Known for today as the Century-old Gui-ob Church Ruins build by the Spanish) and even its cemetery sunk under the sea approximately 20-25 feet underwater. In the year 1948, Mt. Vulcan once again erupted sinking the whole area deeper and 20-30 meters away from the shoreline. #cemetery

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