St. Pancratius Chapel in La Loma Cemetery at La LOMA Columbary, Laloma, Quezon CIty, St. Pancratius Chapel, Paco Park, Paco, Manila The La Loma Cemetery , formerly known as Cemeterio de Binondo, is the oldest cemetery in Manila. It opened in 1884 under the Jurisdiction of Santa Cruz during the Spanish Period. The La Loma cemetery is nestled in between Caloocan City and the northernmost district of Sta. Cruz, Manila. During the Filipino war waged against Spain, friars threatened Filipinos to quit the uprising or they will not be buried in any Catholic cemetery such as La Loma. The cemetery is one of the few that were spared from great damage during the Second World War, thus containing a significant amount of historical architectural heritage. At the age of 131, the old chapel is still standing tall with its stone block walls and steps, baroque-style detailed carvings, and iron-grilled gate. A lot of horror stories have been circulating the 19th century chapel ranging from apparitions of white ladies, dogs howling at it at night, and voices emanating from the inside. Aling Baby, a street vendor inside the cemetery, shared that she and her friends would hear other voices join in on their conversation or laughter. She also added hearing something heavy drop from the ceiling inside the chapel to its floor, even though it is closed and there are no people inside. Coincidentally, several workers narrated the ill-fated accident of a construction worker who was fixing the chapel’s ceiling and then slipped and fell to his death. Aling Baby also told the chilling tale of seeing a bright light shine from inside the chapel in the middle of the night, and women wearing veils lined up outside, slowly walking towards it. #scary

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