Tayabas Basilica The Minor Basilica of Saint Michael the Archangel , (Tagalog: Basilika Menor ni San Miguel Arkangel; Spanish: Basílica Menor de San Miguel Arcángel) commonly known as the Tayabas Basilical, is a Roman Catholic basilica located in Tayabas, Quezon, Philippines under the Roman Catholic Roman Catholic Diocese of Lucena. Its titular is Saint Michael, the Archangel, whose feast is celebrated annually on September 29. The church is the largest in the Province Of Quezon;and is built in the shape of a key. Locals often refer to the church as Susi ng Tayabas (“The Key of Tayabas”).The church’s 103-metre (338-foot) aisle also has the longest nave among Spanish colonial era churches in the Philippines. The Catholic community of Tayabas was established in 1578 by Franciscan priests Fray Juán Portocarrero de Plasencia and Fray Diego de Oropesa de San José, known as the Apostles of Laguna and Tayabas.In 1580, the town of Tayabas was established as a parish with St. Michael the Archangel as its designated patron saint in 1580.Like most churches in the Philippines during the Spanish colonial era, the first church of Tayabas was a camarin-type church built using bamboo, nipa and anahaw between 1580 and 1585 under the supervision of Franciscan friars. #Tayabas

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