CHURCH DESECRATION AND LOOTING IN THE PHILIPPINES La Loma Church, scene of hard fighting at the beginning of the war. Private Lloyd Ryall, Company D, First North Dakota, has in his possession an ivory crucifix taken from the shrine of a Filipino home. The cross stands three and a half feet in height and measures more than a foot from end to end of the cross tree. The form of Christ is a masterpiece of carving and is unusually life-like in expression. “There is a cross,” he said, “that is worth two hundred dollars if it is worth a cent. It came from a rich Filipino home that had been looted and robbed by a number of the volunteers. Although the other boys were looking for more substantial plunder, I, knowing the great value of this crucifix, contented myself with taking it as my share of the spoils. I would not part with it if I knew I was receiving a price ten times its value. I am going to take it home as a souvenir of the war. Before you leave me you must give me your word that you won’t say anything about this crucifix as I am afraid if the other boys know I have it they may put up a scheme to get possession of it.”

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