St. Pancratius Chapel in La Loma Cemetery The Chapel is over 100 yrs. old and located in Manila’s oldest cemetery in Sta. Cruz, Manila. In 2006, the chapel was decommissioned with the construction of a modern Parish Church near the entrance. St Pancratius is said to be a martyr who was beheaded at age 14 and buried in a cemetery that was later named after him. The gates in front, which lead to nowhere, have skulls and crossbones carved on it. The lions statues that guard its gate do nothing to remove it’s overt ghostliness. Also known as Loma Cemetery…Manila’s oldest cemetery is is a century old beautiful Chapel dedicated to St. Pancratius, an old structure that survived wars, typhoons, earthquakes and other calamities, and one that stood the test of time. It served as the funerary chapel of the cemetery since its opening in 1884 up to 1962 when the church services were transferred to the newly built St. Pancratius Church near the cemetery’s entrance; used as a fort by Filipino fighters during the Philippine-American War of 1899 to 1902; became a cursillo retreat house in the 70′s to 90′s; currently padlocked, abandoned and referred as “Lumang Simbahan“.

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