WHAT IS TRON? In Their Words: “TRON is a blockchain-based decentralized protocol that aims to construct a worldwide free content entertainment system with the blockchain and distributed storage technology.” In Our Words: TRON are aiming to create an entertainment platform that allows content creators full control over their content. Think of a decentralised combination of Netflix, YouTube and the App Store. HOW DOES TRON WORK? The TRON project is an incredibly complex one, we will aim to highlight its key features but encourage you to read their whitepaper and complete further research if you want to learn the more technical details of the project. We will first discuss the TRON token. The TRON Token There are in fact three different tokens involved in the TRON project: TRONIX, TRON Power and the TRON 20 Token; we’re going to quickly outline all three and their uses below. TRONIX (TRX) – This is the token available for purchase/trade on the exchanges; it is required to access the TRON platform and is also used to buy and sell content upon it. TRON Power (TP) – This is essentially locked up TRONIX; users volunteer to lock up their TRX and receive TP in return, as well as voting rights and other privileges in the TRON ecosystem. TRON Power is not tradable and would of course be a long-term commitment. TRON Power is similar to Steem Power used on the Steemit platform. TRON 20 Token – TRON 20 Token allows content creators to create and issue their own tokens, similar to Waves and NEM. The Platform At its simplest, content creators will be able to list their content on the TRON platform and make it available for purchase; this could be music, films, images etc. These transactions will be completed using the TRX token and without the involvement of any fees. The TRON system will also offer incentives to content creators to encourage them to place their content on the platform and help stimulate the TRON ecosystem. Other crypto platforms will also be able to host on the TRON platform while offering their own tokens. Users would be able to transfer these tokens into any other on the platform using TRX as a bridge currency.

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