Who created Bitcoin? This is the beginning of the story. Ten years have passed since the first appearance of Bitcoin (since the domain of bitcoin.org was registered) and we still don’t know who the inventor was. Where does Bitcoin come from? Who created it and for what? What is the purpose of Bitcoin made? Is it only one person who created it? These are some of the common questions about Bitcoin that have been put forward in the crypto community, and also by those who consider themselves to be conspiracy investigators and theorists. To commemorate the ten years of Bitcoin, we decided to discuss the origin of Bitcoin, share what we know about the author, and explore some logical reasons behind their anonymity. When was Bitcoin created? The first appearance of Bitcoin in public was in January 2009, when someone or a group of people using the name Satoshi Nakamoto launched the Bitcoin software open code. The first block of the Bitcoin blockchain launched can be interpreted as a statement, a clue, or just as a date marker: ‘The Times 03 / Jan / 2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks’ (Minister of Finance immediately bailouts the second bank). This sentence is one of the main titles in The Times on the same date. Nakamoto could only choose the first title they saw in the nearest newspaper. However, loyal followers of cryptocurrency agree that this is a statement that has special meaning. At that time, the 2008 financial crisis was still ongoing and the possibility of Bitcoin was a form of angry reaction and disappointment at the current state of our financial system. The Bitcoin code is likely to have been made in 2007, and indications of its first appearance were in August 2008, when the domain name ‘bitcoin.org’ was registered. A few months later, members of the cryptographic mailing list received a report entitled ‘Bitcoin: A Electronic Cash System Peer-to-Peer’ with oshi Satoshi Nakamoto ’as the author. Nakamoto’s exit At the end of 2010, Nakamoto handed over his baton to a software developer named Gavin Andresen, and thus officially decentralized the Bitcoin network. Previously, control of the Bitcoin code was relatively centralized because only Nakamoto could make changes to the code. Nakamoto made the last forum post on December 12, and still responded to several sporadic emails for some time, while still communicating with Andresen until around the end of April – and then disappearing forever. According to the news, Nakamoto asked Andresen to ignore his anonymity when discussing Bitcoin in public. As far as we know, Nakamoto was no longer involved in any changes made since then. Follow our series of articles, where we will discuss what we know for sure about Satoshi Nakamoto, and their possible motivation when creating Bitcoin. We will also discuss a number of possible reasons why they still do not want to be identified.

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