Bongbong Marcos isn’t himself. Story time: There’s a story going around that the Bongbong we see now isn’t genuine. The real Bongbong was said to have died in an accident in Manila or after being abducted by armed men somewhere in Mindanao. Another account says he died in London when he was a teenager. Anyway, after his supposed death, the family was said to have tapped a Marcos cousin who closely resembled him to undergo plastic surgery and take his place. WTF details: Sometime after the story broke out between the late 1970s to the early 1980s, people pointed out that Bongbong’s mom, Imelda, was not so affectionate with him anymore. Others marveled at the fact that Bongbong got “cuter.” Fact check: The family’s political rivals and legion of haters probably cooked up the story. But if it’s true–then that’s one lucky cousin. #Marcos

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