Cortal + Coke = Abortion. Story time: Some people think that taking Cortal (a local brand of aspirin) and washing it down with Coke would induce abortions. More often than not, people will retell a story that they had heard from a friend of a friend’s other friend about a young woman who could not face the fact that she had gotten knocked up. The said young woman allegedly used the Cortal-Coke combo to solve her problem. WTF details: Information about the young girl would vary. The name of her school or dormitory would change. In some stories, she got away with her so-called “self-medication.” In others, she was rushed to an emergency room of some hospital and pronounced dead on arrival. Of course, the young woman in question never had a name and it was never revealed who the father of her unborn child was. Fact check: This is either a twisted cautionary tale that’s told to young girls who are out on their own or a campaign against Cortal and Coke. Nevertheless, somebody posed a question related to the combo online. #CokeTaL

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