A jellyfish attack causes a Luzon-wide blackout. Story time: On December 10, 1999, most of Luzon’s lights went out. A BBC News article reveals: “Authorities said that in fact, large numbers of jellyfish had been sucked into the seawater intake of a major power plant near Manila, clogging up the mechanism.” Of course, nobody bought the story. WTF details: There were people who said the jellyfish were giant mutant ones. Reports indicated that “50 truckloads” of jellyfish had to be removed from the site. It was the height of President Joseph “Erap” Estrada’s notoriety so a lot of people thought that another coup d’ etat was brewing. Some also thought it was the early manifestation of the Y2K Bug. Fact check: It’s no wonder that people smelled something fishy. Today, you can’t find a video footage or photos of the jellyfish that caused so many Filipinos to panic. Pranksters, of course, had a field day. One of them even wrote a bogus report about the incident. The truth is still out there. #jellyFish

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