Top NVIDIA GPU’s for Mining The mining landscape has changed quite a bit since the last time I wrote one of these (July 2018). New coins, market got wrecked, new algorithms, but biggest of all, new graphics cards. This list encompasses the best NVIDIA gpus at all price levels and budgets. RTX 2080TI Price: $1100 to $1400 Earnings per day: $1.27 Wattage: 160 to 220 Best algorithms: C29, C31, X16R, MTP, 150/5 Hashrate: C29 9.5GPS, X16R 38 mh/s, MTP 4.3 mh/s, 150,5 35 sols The RTX 2080TI is hands down the most powerful GPU on the market, but this comes at a price. The biggest thing is the price. I have seen them as low as $1000 but they go fast. These cards have a high premium on them being they are the best cards for gaming. This price kills your ROI as it would take years at current prices. Now here is what I will say. If you have the money to burn, you are limited on space, and have average priced electricity, then these are probably your best choice. 6 of these will net you almost $8 a day at right under 1600w. RTX 2070Price: $480 to $600 Earnings per day: $0.79 Wattage: 120 to 150 Best Algorithms: C29, C29s, X16R, MTP, 150/5 Hashrates: C29 6 GPS, X16R 24 mh/s, MTP 2.6 mh/s 150,5 22 SOLS For pure efficiency the 2070 can’t be beat. With numbers that meet or exceed a 1080 at lower wattage, the 2070 is a phenomenal GPU for mining. Now yes people will argue that you can buy a used 1080 for cheaper and ROI faster. But my argument is resale value. The 1080 is last generation. By the time you ROI an already used card, what will it be worth? My second argument is that when the next influx of miners comes, the 2070 and 1660ti (you’ll read about later) are going to be the 2 cards that are the most sought after. And anyone who was here in December 2017/January 2018 remembers the outrageous prices of GPUs. Imagine mining on a card for a year and selling it for more then what you paid for. These are the things you need to think about. GTX 1080TI Price:$500 to $550 used/ $785 to $1000 new Earnings per day: $0.92 Wattage: 150 to 200 Best Algorithms: X16R, 150/5, C29, C31, MTP Hashrates: X16R 29 mh/s, 150/5 31 SOLS, C29 6.3 GPS, MTP 1.9 mh/s The 1080ti was the King of the Pascal generation. With raw mining power that could not be matched. But with all good things, they must come to an end. Firstly the 1080ti has been discontinued now that the RTX series is out. This is keeping the price much higher then it should be. Even on the used market finding one for under $550 is a difficult task. Secondly is the power consumption. Unless you have cheap electricity, I would get a 2070 instead. Yes a 1080ti makes $0.13 more a day, but at $0.10 kwh a 1080ti makes $0.01 more profit then a 2070. Lastly is resale value. As I already stated, the RTX cards will have better resale value then the GTX cards. Iwill say though, if you can find a 1080ti for less then a 2070 and you have decent electricity prices, the 1080ti is a better choice. So many decisions! GTX 1660TI Price: $279.99 Earnings per day: $0.53 Wattage: 90w Best Algorithms: MTP, X16R, X16RT, C29 Hashrates: MTP 1.8 mh/s, X16R 16mh/s, C29 3.4 GPS One of the biggest barriers to entry when it comes to mining is the price of electricity. And as most people know by now, mining consumes a lot of it. On most GPUs low watts turns to low hashrate and vise versa. Well things have changed. Enter the 1660 ti. With the hashrate of a 1070 at 40 less watts. What does this mean? This means that by just going on what to mine, and mining what is profitable, this card is profitable all the way up to $0.20 kwh, compared to a 1070 which is only profitable up to $0.15 kwh. Complete game changer. And at only $280 (have seen it cheaper) its the first time in a long time that an NVIDIA card is actually a good price. As I stated above, this will be a sought after card. GTX 1070 Price: $200 to $225 used/ $350 to $400 new Earnings per day: $0.54 Wattage: 110 to 130 Best Algorithms: X16R, MTP, 150/5, C29 Hashrates: X16R 17 mh/s, MTP 1.8 mh/s, 150/5 19 SOLS, C29 4 GPS For those that couldn’t afford the $1000 price tag of the 1080ti, but wanted more then a 1060, the 1070 was the choice for most NVIDIA miners. And if you can find it for $200 or less it’s a great deal. But as I have stated, the 1660ti has lower wattage and will most likely have better resale value. But if you have cheap electricity, then loading up on 1070s under $200 is a great play as well. #GPU #Nvidia

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