🏁 Our Token Challenge is live! Welcome to Bullex’ official Telegram group! 📈 ❓Bullex? What’s that? Bullex is a European cryptocurrency exchange founded by DCORP and based in the Netherlands. Bullex is powered by proven exchange software which is in use by several exchanges worldwide. It is combined with DCORP’s own utility token, DRPU, so you get discounted trading, access to Academy benefits and a say in what projects to select on our VC Platform. Moreover, startups can pay a part of the listing fee in DRPU. ❓DCORP? What are you talking about? DCORP is a decentralized and democratic venture capital platform that held it’s ICO in Mid 2017. Its original token was the DRP token which has since been replaced with DRPU and DRPS. DRPU is the utility token of the platform and will be used in projects such as Bullex. DRPS is the security token of the platform and can be used for passive dividends when there is a profit and proper KYC is completed. Development of our smart contract wallet is paused while Bullex has the focus. Bullex is the “seed” project for DCORP. Notice: we currently focus on the EU, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and Korea first. Only users from these geographies can get the Bullex platform rewards at this time. 📈 Our open beta is live! Regsiter now. 🖥 Check out our website for more information about Bullex. 💻 Want to learn more about DCORP? Click here. ⏱ Looking to get early access to the platform? No problem! 🗞 Get the latest updates about us here! 🇬🇧 Please keep the conversation in English. 👮🏿‍♂️👮🏻‍♀️Security notice: Our team will never ask you to perform any transactions or give away personal information. Only trust our official team members: @AmritCrowd @RonCrowd @TobiasCrowd @AleksanderCrowd @LoreCrowd @JamesCrowd @AmitCrowd @ChiefSangho @fantasticsquirrel @Lyppens @JornHoltus 🔍 Find us on: DCORP’s Official Telegram DCORP’s Announcements Channel Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Instagram Remember: ❗️No advertisements ❗️No spam ❗️No profanities ❗️Be respectful 🎈 Have fun!

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