Balete Drive Balete Drive is a famous site not only for its Balete trees and classic houses but also for its White Lady. Most drivers who pass by Balete Drive reported sightings of a woman in white that haunt the drive. It’s still unclear whether the White Lady is a nature spirit, a ghost or just an urban legend. Update: The White Lady of Balete Drive is a hoax. I received this information from Jose Silangan, a local paranormal investigator. It turned out to be a prank which evolved into a popular urban legend. However in some other parts of the Philippines, sightings of white ladies are still being reported. Here are two Balete-derived stories: 1. A couple was driving along a dark roa din the middle of the night (some say it is Balete but other do not specify). The car broke down. After much thinkering, the guy decided to go and ask for help. He told his girlfriend to lock the doors and windows and not to go out while he was gone. So, he left. It was taking him long. The girl fell asleep, only to be astrtled by a squalid old man in tattered clothes knocking at the window. Then he showed the girl the bodiless head of her boyfriend. No accounts of what happened next. 2. A man was driving alone along a dark road in the middle of the night (some say it is Balete, others do not specify). He noticed another car behind him. Nothing strange there. But after a while, he noticed that the car was still there and seemed to be following him. To be sure, he took a series of turns. Still, the car was on his tail, what more he kept on flahsing the headlights. The guy decided to stop the car and confront the driver. The driver of the car that was following told him that he kept seeing a silhouette of a woman with a knife ready to stab him, and when he blinked the headlights she disappeared. These are really not Balete Drive stories. Since the Balete Drive tells of a white lady haunting the street. Some say that it was a woman raped and killed by the japanese during the war and they dumped her where Balete Drive is now. But clealy, these are derivations.

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