Siquijor Siquijor is a beautiful island east of Dumaguete. It’s usually known for its beauty and low crime rate but it’s also known as an island of sorcerers. On the island live the native sorcerers and healers with strange and awesome powers. The mambabarang is a fearsome sorcerer who can attack and even kill through magick. The mambabarang is known for using a strange hex using insects. The mambabarang would instruct these insects to enter the victim’s body to make the victim sick or even die. Fortunately, a victim can have himself/herself cured by consulting a healer or another mambabarang. The healers of the island are called mananambals. The mananambal can cure and counter harmful spells but they can also attack through magick. Despite the skepticisms and denials of the island’s officials whether sorcery exists on the island, the people swear that it does exist and it’s very much alive and feared in Siquijor.

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