It Begins with Total Security Imagine having to develop a mobile cryptocurrency wallet that will be used by tens or even hundreds of millions of people across the world. How can you approach this daunting task? Where do you even begin? Security — that’s where. At the very start, we realized that making the Enjin Smart Wallet as secure as technically possible is our number one priority. We started with checking out other popular wallets, searching for ideas we could improve upon — and we came out empty-handed and somewhat disappointed. During our analysis and testing, we managed to penetrate most major mobile wallets and extraction of passwords and passphrases was achievable. It was clear we needed to think out of the box. We built the Enjin Wallet foundation on top-of-the-line security architecture, took inspiration from hardware wallets, combined our UX/UI and development experience, and went above and beyond to make a mobile app that can turn your smartphone into a hardware-like secure wallet on non-rooted devices. The Enjin Wallet never holds or has any access to your funds — you are in total control of your private keys. You can always restore your wallet or funds on any device with your recovery 12 word passphrase. Enjin Secure Keyboard We built our own proprietary keyboard that stops any form of data sniffing or keyloggers. The keyboard is built into the wallet itself with 3 secure options and ability to randomize keys for the ultimate level of input protection.

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