🐅 Welcome to the Official CoinTiger Telegram🐅 The Jungle Hides Many Secrets, Be a Tigerian and Seek for The Truth on CoinTiger Exchange. About CoinTiger: CoinTiger is a global and innovative digital assets exchange platform which provides multi-cryptocurrency trading service including multi-language support for blockchain enthusiasts around the world. Since the platform was launched, it has continuously iterated with a steady upgrade and now has an increasingly mature ecosystem comprising web, iOS, and Android clients application and comprehensive exchange services including cryptocurrency trading, Ticker Capital, Labs, IEO, and voting for listing program. Currently, CoinTiger users have topped 2 million and are from more than 100 countries and regions in Asia, North America, Africa, and Europe. About TCH: TigerCash(TCH) Info ______________ CAMPAIGNS & ANNOUNCEMENTS: 250K CRO to Give Away 185K BXK to Give Away ZCO Campaigns, 200K to give away 100k GTNs Giveaway CoinTiger Announcement on ERC20 and TRC20 based USDT Token. CPC Giveaways The Basis for Identity Verification (KYC) on CoinTiger Exchange ______________ LINKS Website:https://www.cointiger.com/en-us/#/index Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/CoinTigerEX/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoinTigerEX?lang=en Medium Blog: https://medium.com/@cointiger Reddit:https://www.reddit.com/r/CoinTigerExchange/ Telegram Channels Russian: @cointiger_russian(Русская Группа) English: https://t.me/cointiger_en Mandarin: https://t.me/CoinTiger_cn(中文群) Vietnam: https://t.me/CoinTiger_VN Announcement Channel: http://t.me/cointiger_annoucements CoinTiger APP Android iOS ______________ 🔴 COMMUNITY 🔴 ✔️ Withdrawal Fees ✔️ Please write in English only. ✔️ Keep discussion related to CoinTiger and its related activities. ✔️ Ask an admin before posting external links. ✔️ For those who wish to join our Wechat group please add CoinTiger Admin ID: CoinTiger001 & CoinTiger002 ✔️For users’ convenience and better experience, CoinTiger admins may not answer questions regards withdrawl/deposit, KYC, etc. If you encounter any problems during the process of using CoinTiger, please contact online customer service by the following methods 1. For Website: Go to www.cointiger.com and select the online customer service logo on the bottom-right corner of the page to conduct an online 1-to-1 consultation. 2. For App: Go to CoinTiger APP, select “Account”, in the upper-right corner of the page, select “Support” to conduct online 1-to-1 consultation. Official Admins: @Jaydencxl @CoinTigerAdmin Our Awesome Knights: @Bear30fps @Dvsages @CONYIA262 For Listing Proposal: @willsun1009 or Email us at: listing_en@cointiger.com For Business Proposal: Email us at: business@cointiger.com ❗️Important: Moderators/Admins will NEVER contact you in private, nor will they ask for investment. Please report any suspicious behavior immediately. ❗️For your account safety, please set a secondary transaction password.

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