Sparkpoint Ecosystem Announced Its First Partner Sparkpoint Ecosystem sealed its first partnership during the first quarter of 2019 with Tabang Bikol Movement Inc., — a Non-Goverment Organization that helps the victims of natural disasters to stand after the disaster by providing series of seminars, trainings and programs. The first round of the partnership implementation focused on raising financial literacy awareness to support their livelihood project; also, help them to prepare their finances before and after the calamity. Included in the partnership, Sparkpoint Ecosystem will provide financial literacy to the beneficiaries of Tabang Bikol Movement Inc., through conducting series of workshops and discussions on effective management of finances also the importance of digital payments. Through the e-learning portal of Sparkpoint Ecosystem — Sparkroom, the partnership is aimed to reach the grassroots communities deprived of financial literacy and to effectively manage their livelihood projects provided in assistance of Tabang Bikol Movement Inc. On the last phase of Sparkpoint Ecosystem Wallet, there will be launching of the second round of the partnership which is to provide payment gateway services, to promote crypto-philanthropy, to increase the institutions’ transparency and to lessen the overhead fees for more program funds. “This partnership is a great advancement in the field of Philippine philanthropy and cryptocurrency. This is just the beginning of our mission to broaden the adoption of blockchain technology. This partnership is a proof that blockchain can be applied in various field,” Sparkpoint Innovations Inc., CEO Andy Agnas said. He also added that this will encourage the modern generation to trust again on philanthropy organizations like Tabang Bikol Movement. Sparkpoint Ecosystem is expected to release more partnership announcements in the coming days. For more information you may visit their website at or follow their social media accounts. Tabang Bikol Movement Inc., also has a signed Memorandum of Agreement with a government agency — Department of Social Welfare and Development — Region 5 and partnership with different institutions like SM Naga City, Mariners’ Polytechnic Colleges Foundation and Metro Naga Chamber of Commerce and Industry. You may check their website at #Sparkpoint #blockchain

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