Futurepia Signed MoU with Kuky To Improve Blockchain Based Services Futurepia has signed MoU with Kuky Group, which is an entertainment platform based on blockchain. The two companies have agreed to work together to improve blockchain based services and their adoption in the real world. Futurepia is a blockchain mainnet and with 300,000 TPS, it is one of the fastest mainnet till date that is also certified by KOLAS. Futurepia is specially designed for high traffic dapps. Currently, SNAC application is using Futurepia mainnet and even during its beta launch, it has reached to more than 50 countries. SNAC is a reward sharing application that compensates content creators and content consumers. Futurepia along with Kuky have agreed to make a real-life service based on the Kuky Coin and SNAC token. The services will include various options including ticketing reservation, QR code confirmation at the venue entrance. It is expected that the first phase of this service will be during the Mega Bounce (Hip-Hop Festival at Yeosu Expo on August 16–17). The second round will be to sell musical tickets that will be held at the end of September. While the third phase will be at the end of November that will be about the Bangkok Thailand Idol Audition Festival. #Futurepia #Blockchain

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