SESSIA – SOCIAL NETWORK & CASHBACK SYSTEM BASED ON BLOCKCHAIN What is Sessia? Sessia is a social network, where you can buy all you need and earn money doing that. After each purchase, you get cashback, and your friends can see your receipt in the Feed. What’s more, you get kickback from all their purchases in the same shop. CREATE YOUR OWN E-SHOP A convenient and free constructor helps setting up mobile e-shop and managing it in Sessia ecosystem on all available platforms. It allows even inexperienced users can easily adjust goods, services and control orders. Sessia makes business smart. Gives opportunity to upload photos of a product, enter descriptions, set prices, manage the contents of an e-shop after it’s been set up. Businesses can sell their products in e-shops, using not only standard payment systemns, but also kicks. LET YOUR CLIENTS KNOW ABOUT DISCOUNTS AND PROMOTIONS With Sessia Calendar you can notify your customers about special offers, invite them to limited-time promotions, or offer booking services (tickets, beauty shops, restaurants, etc). GET FEEDBACK Sessia internal chat is a unique multi-purpose messenger, where you have all the necessary functions for communicating with clients. You can exchange text and voice messages, stickers and pictures. Or even create a customer support service that will work with customers’ questions quickly and effeciently. FOLLOW YOUR CLIENTS ON THE FEED Sessia internal social network is an innovative advertising platform, where companies can put ads, product or service cards, and customers get a direct access to products and services without using external links. As soon as a client makes a purchase, his followers receive notification, including the scanned receipt. Each post can be liked, discussed, recommended or even used as a direct link to the shop. TELL ABOUT YOURSELF ON THE MARKETPLACE Here clients can find product catalogues and news feed, where companies can publish previews of their promotions and ads. On the marketplace, clients can find your business by searching or by choosing the right section. Companies can sell their products directly via Sessia, using Sessia’s payment methods or their own. GET CASHBACK IN LESS THAN 1 MINUTE! 1)You make purchase in any Sessia partner-shop 2)The cashier scans the Sessia QR-code from your smartphone 3)The cashier scans your receipt Once the purchase is finished and the QR-code is scanned, your receipt is automatically published on the Feed, your friends and subscribers can see it. They can comment, like or share the post on social media. Your receipt will motivate them to make a similar purchase, and you will get a kickback. HOW TO GET KICKBACK? The more friends you have on Sessia, the more kickbacks from their purchases you will get, you can get kickbacks even from their friends’ purchases if it is provided by the shop. GET YOUR OWN CRYPTOWALLET All cashbacks and kickbacks are issued in Kicks, that you can use to pay for your purchases (fully or partially), or move them to your card. IOS – Android – Web – SESSIA OFFICIAL LINKS: #SESSIA #ICO #ETHERIUM

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