Fantastic BW Sugar Bowls and where to find them? Introduction: Sugar Bowl is a really easy-use and automatic reward system that would let you enjoy the giveaway of token every day. The Bowl is opened every 2 hours, and each time it will be filled with a box of BTC for collection. The candy collection will be in the order of first come first served until the last one has been received by user. Game Rule: The first round of Sugar Bowl is valid for 30 days. 26/April/2019–25/May/2019 . All the users are able to join in and receive the Sugar from BW. 1. Every new user would receive 1 BTC, until all the BTC is giveaway from System Pool. 2. Each invitation from Sugar Bowl special link to a new user will receive 0.2 BTC, until all the BTC is giveaway from System Pool. 3. Each Invitation to a new user will receive 30% of the transaction fees from new user. 4. Each account can only invite up to 20 new users. 5. All BTC reward from above are used as BTC Token to obtain the pass of Sugar. until the end of this round. BTC Token can not be withdraw and trade but only receive Sugar. The more BTC token you have, the more Sugar you will receive. Please refer to the interest rate for the details. 6. Note: All newly registered users and invited users need to bind google authenticator to get candy. The details of Sugar reward rules are as follows: 1. Each user can receive Sugar 1 time a day. 2. Sugar Bowl will prepare 1.2 BTC as Sugar every day, divided into 12 time s, 1 time every 2 hours, and 0.1 BTC per time. 3. According to the rules that first com first served, User how have not received Sugar this round could participate in the next round. If you have any questions, please join the BW community BW official telegram Community: #GiveAways#BWExchange#SugarBowl

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