🍀🍀Hello members of the Carry community! Recently, it has come to our attention that there are people impersonating members of the Carry team, and reaching out to members of our community via email, telegram, and other social channels. Below are some examples of the ways these impersonators have reached out to members of our community: – Promise of Carry Token Airdrops – Request for people to sign up for an “Official Carry Community” – Request for personal information (name, passwords, credit card info, etc.), ETH, and other monetary requests Please note that members of the Carry team will not contact you first, and that anyone who does is an impersonator, and does not represent Carry in any way, shape, or form. Further, if you have been contacted by such people, by whatever means, or have come in contact with a site, or channel, claiming to be run by the Carry Team, please alert us at contact@carryprotocol.io. Thank you for your continued support.

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