***asking about anything already stated in this pinned message will lead to disqualification of the bounty campaign*** GRAYLLians we are super excited to announce the re-launch of the GRAYLL telegram bounty! Bounties have been adjusted to avoid mass spam and fraudulent activities. ===================================================== GRAYLL ADMINS: @ChiNgad0r @francispark @venomousz @VegiC @markpark107 @HemalOfficial @fernando333 @R_General ===================================================== GRAYLL’s TUTORIAL to receive GRX tokens on the Stellar Network: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mIQShmyCBOHVcL7QYHvuk-K9gNpnpBHJ You will receive ~$5 in GRX tokens in your bounty balance if you register now. Bounty registration spots are limited… To make this a real community we will review every submission & activity for the bounties! FAKE INFO – BOTS – DUPLICATE SUBMISSIONS FROM DIFFERENT ACCOUNTS WILL ALL LOSE THEIR TOKENS!!! t.me/GRAYLL_bounty_English_bot telegram Bounty Rules: ENSURE you enter the CORRECT Wallet Address we will NOT change it! 1. You will receive ~$5 in GRX tokens for joining and staying in the telegram group. 2. You will receive ~$2.50 in GRX tokens per referral that signs up with your unique referral link. 3. Everyday your first post will earn an additional ~$0.50 GRX. You may post for 120 days. Minimum 3 word meaningful or contextual sentences to avoid removal! 4. If you leave the group before 120 days you will lose your telegram GRX bounty tokens. 5. Bounty tokens are released to you after September 1st, 2019, when all IEOs have been completed. You will have the opportunity to update you wallet address then. 6. You agree to the Terms of Service: https://grayll.io/terms/ 7. If your balance is lower, it means messages and/or referrals have been removed from the telegram group. =========================== GRAYLL IEO: https://grayll.io/ieo/ GRAYLL FAQs https://grayll.io/ieo/#faqs GRAYLL One Pager https://grayll.io/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/GRAYLL_One_Pager_IEO_V1.01_6_APR_2019.pdf White Paper https://grayll.io/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/GRAYLL_Business_-White_Paper_V.1.01_EMAIL_APR_18_2019.pdf =========================== PLEASE FOLLOW US | We will reward you for it from time to time! GRAYLL telegram Group: https://t.me/grayll_official_group GRAYLL telegram Channel: https://t.me/grayll_official_channel GRAYLL Indonesia telegram Group: https://t.me/grayll_indonesia_official =========================== GRAYLL reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/grayll_wealth GRAYLL instagram: https://www.instagram.com/grayll_wealth/ GRAYLL twitter: https://twitter.com/GRAYLL_wealth GRAYLL facebook: facebook.com/GRAYLLwealth/ GRAYLL Medium: https://medium.com/@grayll/

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