📌 With Opiria and PDATA we create a personal data marketplace powered by blockchain. Users can sell their anonymized data and take profit directly with PDATA tokens – instead of giving it Facebook and Google for free! Please visit our website to discover more. 🎬 Videos (YouTube): Our vision The PDATA ecosytem Meet the team CEO Dr. Christian Lange talking about Opiria and PDATA The PDATA token is getting listed soon on several exchanges. Prior to listing we are doing an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). This allows the exchanges to build a community of traders for the token which will lead to higher trading activity and related volume post listing. In the IEO PDATA is priced $0.1 with 20% bonus. 💫 IEO Round 1 on May 11th was sold out! Read here on Medium more about that. ⏰ IEO Round 2 started May 18th on following exchanges: – TOKENIZE (Start: May 18; End: June 23) – COINEAL (Start: May 19; End: May 26) – over – P2PB2B (Start: May 18; End: May 19) – over – BTCNEXT (Start: May 18; End: May 19) – over – EXMARKETS (May 18 – May 19) – over 👉 For details on how to participate into the PDATA IEO please have a look at this Medium article 👉 PDATA’s CEO Dr. Christian Lange talks in this YouTube interview about the status of the project, the reason for doing an IEO and the next steps towards listig the token. 🎁 PDATA Token Airdrop Q: How long will the Airdrop last? A: We can’t say how long cause it all depends on users. So when the bot runs out of tokens 🙂 Q: Can i get the Airdrop without participating in the IEO? A: You can get the drop without IEO, but if you want to receive a 10% bonus of PDATA tokens then you need to participate in IEO Q: Do i need KYC for the airdrop? A: KYC for IEO 10% bonus depends on Exchange KYC to get the drop – NO Simply follow these links and get your rewards http://t.me/PDATA_P2PB2B_REWARDS_BOT http://t.me/COINEAL_PDATA_REWARD_BOT http://t.me/EXMARKETS_PDATA_REWARD_BOT http://t.me/BTCNEXT_PDATA_REWARD_BOT https://t.me/TOKENIZE_PDATA_REWARD_BOT 📣 Next Steps: 👉Listing of PDATA Token We are happy to announce that PDATA Token will get listed first on Coineal on June 24th at 4pm Singapore time. Other exchanges will follow. 👉Release of the updated Opiria platform In a few weeks from now, we will launch a major release of Opiria platform that comes with a completely new and fully future proof software architecture. We did redesign the whole platform from scratch and added tons of new features that were requested from our clients over the last 12 months. To roll-out the new release and to strongly grow the customer-base we are already scheduling meetings with big clients in Europe and USA (retail, consumer tech, automotive, gaming). 👉Opiria at ESOMAR conference in May With our sales partner SDS Associates from Malaysia we are attending ESOMAR Conference from May 22-24 in Macau. We are showcasing the fully new Opiria platform at the world´s biggest market research to existing and new clients. Our CEO Christian will give a 25min keynote presentation to present Opiria platform and its capabilities to a global audience of leading market research companies. In addition to that we have a booth to interactively demonstrate Opiria to our clients. 👉Bounty token distribution Bounty tokens from the ICO will be distributed 4 weeks after the initial listing of PDATA.

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