READ THIS FIRST 📌Welcome to Digiwills’s Official Telegram group 📌Official Domains: Main: Alternative domains: Other links: 📌Official Twitter: 📌Reddit: 📌Facebook: 📌Medium: 📌Instagram: 📌Airdrop program: Remember to complete all tasks to be eligible to get your reward. 📌 ADMIN NEVER PM FIRST, BEWARE OF SCAMMERS 📌TOKEN METRICS Name: Digiwills (DGW) Total supply: 2,000,000,000 DGW Price: USD$ 0.009 Available for sale: 45% (5% for private sale) Business Strategy: 10% Team: 10%(Locked for 12 Months) Advisory: 2% (Locked for 12 Months) Bounty: 3%(Distributed 1 month after listing) Reserve: 30% (Locked for 24 Months) Token Delivery: On crowdsale Token unlock: after crowdsale as soon as possible Soft Cap: USD$ 2,000,000.00 Hard Cap: USD$ 8,100,000.00 📌Pre sale: Conducted only contacting admins Price: USD$ 0.0075 Minimun investment: USD$ 1,000.00 Maximum investment: USD$ 10,000.00 I you don’t received the email with the referral link, on Airdrop page, scroll down to the bottom and enter your email, then click the bottom to get your referrals list and your referral link For any issues, send an email to

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