Steemit allows for currency mining as well, but it’s not the primary way to earn money. Every day, new Steemit currency units that are created by the network and distributed to the people who engage with the site. The more you engage, the more you get. People who create content are rewarded for their content. Steemit doesn’t monetize its platform with advertisements. Rather, it uses the following ways to earn money. Steemit makes money when its users invest into Steem Power so their posts can be seen by a larger audience, thus getting more votes which translates into more money.Jun 15, 2018 › steemit-busi… Steemit Business model | How Does Go to sign up page and enter your information (sign up with your genuine email). … then enter your cell phone number. It usually takes about a day to approve. … Passwords received from mail should be thoroughly managed. It will be Used to log in later. › join › how-to-join-s… How to join Steemit — Steem

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