Thousands of cheese-shaped cartoon wizards will soon duel online for a grand prize of ether tokens. Dapper Labs, the company behind the 2017 CryptoKitties craze, unveiled its newest ethereum-based gaming experience – “Cheeze Wizards” – last Friday. The game has already attracted 973 players who purchased 4,470 fighters, according to Dapper Labs head of communications Bryce Bladon. Most of the ether spent on these digital wizards goes toward prizes, with 607 ETH going to the game’s grand prize. A total of 1,013 ETH has been collected so far, for roughly $275,000 at current prices. Bladon told CoinDesk the first tournament, where all these wizards duel until just one is left with “the big cheese,” will take several weeks and kick off later this summer. “Players summon wizards, each of which is a non-fungible token (NFT),” Bladon said. “The winner gets a portion of the losing wizard’s power. … Using rock-paper-scissors logic, a winner is picked for each of the five spells cast.” Since this online game involves monetary prizes, users from Canada, Arkansas, Arizona, Kentucky, Maryland, South Carolina and Tennessee are unable to participate in tournaments because the relevant regulations in those jurisdictions are unclear. However, gamers from these areas have already found ways to develop external applications so they can participate in the ecosystem. At least five different projects have already been built on the cheesetastic game, from a prediction market to a decentralized exchange platform for trading wizards. Dapper Labs itself attracted more than $15 million in investment last year from funds like Venrock, Google’s GV, Samsung Next and Fred Wilson’s Union Square Ventures. Like the studio’s debut game CryptoKitties, the self-custodied NFTs in “Cheeze Wizards” are designed to acquire unique traits that could provide opportunities for usage beyond the Dapper Labs tournament itself. One Canadian player, Glenn Eggleton, has already created a leader board and external battle game in order to experiment with the partially open-source project. “Building decentralized

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