Originally called ‘Gaurimarg’ by shepherds, its present name was given in the 16th century by Sultan Yusuf Shah, who was inspired by the sight of its grassy slopes emblazoned with wild flowers. Gulmarg was a favourite haunt of Emperor Jehangir who once collected 21 different varieties of flowers from here. Today Gulmarg is not merely a mountain resort of exceptional beauty- it also has the highest green golf course in the world, at an altitude of 2,650 m, and is the country’s premier ski resort in the winter. While Gulmarg is an all-weather resort with refreshing summer meadows and pastoral scenes to keep the camera busy, the main reason to come here, at least in winter, is the off-piste, deep-powder, long-run skiing and snowboarding. The Himalayan resort of Gulmarg is one of the newest and increasingly popular ski destinations. Head here for the world’s highest gondola ski lift and eye-popping views. Read more about Same Day Gulmarg Trip with Lunch 2019 – Srinagar – https://m.viator.com/tours/Srinagar/Same-Day-Gulmarg-Trip-with-Lunch/d23017-49282P4?mcid=56757On this picturesque day trip, you’ll travel by private vehicle to the Himalayan resort of Gulmarg, with hotel pickup from Srinagar. Discover a secluded valley, famed year-round for its snow-carpeted hills and springtime wildflowers. Highlights include a cable-car ride through the mountains, a short trek to Khilanmarg, and a tasty Kashmiri lunch in a local restaurant. A full-day trip to Gulmarg from Srinagar with round-trip hotel transfers and short trek Get a peek at one of the world’s highest-altitude golf courses, and hop a cable car for a sky-high ride Sample Kashmiri delicacies with an all-inclusive meal in a traditional restaurant nearby As a special treat in winter, enjoy a sleigh ride through the snow-covered slopes Read more about Day Excursion To Gulmarg From Srinagar With Lunch 2019 – https://m.viator.com/tours/Srinagar/Day-Excursion-To-Gulmarg-From-Srinagar-With-Lunch/d23017-50182P348?mcid=56757

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