💝🚀Hello Community💝🚀 New and hot program✅✅ 💟Hi all members, we have opened our stone program. namely limited investment programs. in this program we will only sell 5,000,000 Mobacoin with the type of investment package and the following benefits. 🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻 1⃣Basic package. purchase is $ 500 with profit: 📌30% bonus token (14,800 MBC in total) 📌10% refund bonus ($ 50) 2⃣Bronze package, the purchase is $ 1000 with the advantage of: 📌30% bonus token (29,550 MBC in total) 📌20% refund bonus ($ 200) 3⃣Platinum package. the purchase is $ 2000 with the advantage of: 📌30% bonus token (59,100 MBC Total) 📌30% refund bonus ($ 600) 4⃣Gold package purchase is $ 3000 with advantages: 📌30% bonus token (88,650 MBC in total) 📌40% refund bonus ($ 1,200) 5⃣Diamond package (special offer) Purchases of 1 BTC will get: 📌50% bonus token (300,000 MBC in total) 📌100% refund bonus (1 BTC) 💗Accept currency payment💗 ETH / BTC / USDT Vital Records : ✳️Refunds will be given after the IEO is complete. and before the deposit in the exchange is opened. ✳️We open this event only for 5,000,000 MBC. so very limited. ✳️We created this event to make it easier for buyers who do not have accounts on sistemoin. ✳️For those who want to take part in this event. we have provided a form to store all event participant data. ✳️This is the best way of investing in our opinion.🆒 ↗️Address of shipping wallet ETH: 0x65dbd6c3cbc690c42bc6cb2495ad2005f18d3ed9 BTC: 16BUCFhcXkkddzukhCBpVpCoXp142cHzy6 USDT: 16iGYxzWfG9pJB6DkL4WSBZsqfDgQJpxWR after purchase. Please immediately contact @nandayusra to confirm.✅✅ 📝 Fill this form after comfirmatin to save your data. http://bit.ly/2W6402V Please remember❗️ This event is limited to 5,000,000 MBC. 📌 Don’t forget, our IEO now live in sistemkoin.com 🔗 https://sistemkoin.com/#ieo To purchase in IEO with 30% bonus. Best regard, Mobacoin Team.

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