📢Pundi X Classic team is happy to announce the launch of presale stage of token sale as a first step of Pundi X Classic ICO campaign. The NPXC tokens can be purchased by anyone with Bitcoin or Ethereum cryptocurrency on https://presale.pundixclassic.com. Investors will receive 45% bonus during this around. Purchase your NPXC within a minute. The tokens will be credited to the ERC20 address you used for the token purchase. NEVER use an address from an exchange platform, but rather use your personal ERC20 address. ________________________ 🎁 BONUS STRUCTURE 🎁 ________________________ 7TH – 14TH MAY – 4⃣5⃣% Bonus 14TH – 21ST MAY – 4⃣0⃣% Bonus 21ST – 28TH MAY – 3⃣5⃣% Bonus 28TH MAY – 5TH JUNE – 3⃣0⃣% Bonus ________________________ ❓How to participate in the NPXC token presale: ℹOnce the presale has opened, transfer the amount of Ethereum you are willing to contribute to our cause to the address shown to you. Our token sale address will be displayed only on https://presale.pundixclassic.com, so don’t trust any unofficial ones that may send you the address. _________________________ ✅SET GAS LIMIT: 100 000 | SET GAS PRICE: 10 GWEI or ABOVE ✅Exchange Rate: We use Etherscan.io for ETH exchange rate ✅NPXC Token Price: 1 ETH = 160,000 NPXC ⚠Minimum Investment: 0.1 ETH ⚠Maximum Investment: 100 ETH 🎁Current Bonus: 45% ✅We accept: ETH ⚠End date: June 5th, 2019, (12:00 UTC) ✅Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 NPXC ✅Decimal: 2 _______________________ ➤ Do not participate to presale directly from any cryptocurrency exchanges. You need a token compatible ethereum wallets: MyEtherWallet, Parity, Mist, Metamask, imToken, Trust wallet, Cipher. ➤ Always double check smart contract address. ➤ Minimum investment is set to be 0.1 ETH. ➤ NPXC tokens will be distributed immediately after transaction is submitted. ➤ Only 200 million tokens can be purchased during the presale. ➤ Unsold tokens will be burned. ➤ NPXC tokens will be sold at a USD equivalent of $0.001 each. ➤ Hard Cap for the presale at Pundi X Classic: 1200 ETH. _______________________ ℹLearn more about Pundi X Classic : 🔸Whitepaper: https://pundixclassic.com/doc/PUNDIXCLASSICWP_ENG.pdf 🔸Roadmap: https://pundixclassic.com/doc/Roadmap_PundiXClassic.pdf ________________________ 🌐Stay tuned for updates: Website: https://pundixclassic.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/pundi_x_classic Telegram (Group): https://t.me/pundixclassic Telegram (Channel): https://t.me/pundixclassicnews Medium: https://medium.com/@pundixclassic Instagram: https://instagram.com/pundixclassic Reddit: https://reddit.com/u/pundixclassic _________________________ We kindly inviting the investors, who recognized our project as interesting, to take Advantage of PRESALE 45% bonus and join our Investors Pool! Want to chat? Let’s connect on Telegram: https://t.me/pundixclassic If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of our Admins directly in our Telegram Chat or email (support@pundixclassic.com). Sincerely, The Pundi X Classic Team

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