Bordering Croatia is Bosnia and Herzegovina, an often underrated destination in Europe with an incredible history and a fascinating culture. You’ll find castles, breathtaking scenery and wonderful heritage, and it is all relatively close to major cities like Dubrovnik. A day trip from Dubrovnik to Mostar can be the ideal introduction to the beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Aboard a comfortable bus, your day starts with a drive from Dubrovnik across the border into Bosnia and Herzegovina. A scenic ride through the Balkans reveals the incredible beauty of this part of the world. The first stop of the day is in Neum, the only seaside resort in the country. You’ll have a chance here to shop and explore on your own briefly before carrying on to the next stop on the itinerary: Počitelj. This small village is worth a stop because it is home to some breathtaking Turkish architecture, including the 16th century Gavrakanpetanović house and the remarkable Hajji Alija mosque. Next up, it’s the main attraction of Mostar. Once the most culturally diverse city in the country, Mostar suffered greatly in recent wars. However, much of the historical architecture remains, and tourism helps the city to thrive. The name of the city itself comes from the bridge called Stari Most, or Old Bridge, which was created by the Turks in the 16th century. Other must-see attractions in Mostar include the 300-year-old Muslibegovica House, the Large Cross on the Hill and the Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque, where you can climb the minaret and see over the entire city. After a guided tour, spend some time exploring on your own or snagging souvenirs, and then enjoy the comfortable ride back to Dubrovnik.

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