Following the wind-down of the bull market of 2017, crypto is still undergoing some fascinating developments. A key one that grabbed even mainstream headlines? Facebook’s announcement that they too, want to foray into issuing coins. The crypto, part of something Facebook calls Project Libra, and is slated to launch on June 18. Facebook has a rumoured 50 engineers working on this project, according to some sources familiar with the project if flurry of job listings is any sign. Facebook is not alone in this, as messaging platform Telegram and Signal have announced intentions to roll out cryptocurrencies over the next year too. This time around, Facebook is keeping its cards so close to its chest that it’s said that even employees working in the same building don’t know what’s going on—the team in-the-know about the blockchain project has a separate key-card access. Despite its hush-hush nature, there has been quite a bit of information that’s trickled out about the Facebook coin, such as:

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