MICHAEL Jackson was never legally married to Elvis’ daughter after a bombshell cover-up, it has been claimed. By Tom Towers 17.06, 09 Jun 2019 UPDATED 22.06, 09 Jun 2019 Lisa Marie-Presley, now 51, was wed to the singer between 1994 and 1996 as he battled a sexual abuse allegation. The pair reportedly tied the knot on the Dominican Republic in a service conducted by magistrate Hugo Alvarez. However, one investigator is questioning whether their marriage was legitimate. The pair reportedly arrived in the northern city of La Vega on the morning of May 26 for the ceremony, and then drove back to the Casa de Campo resort. However, rental car documents showed their van had only travelled a distance of 98 miles – less than a third of the distance between the two destinations. ADVERTISEMENT One theory states the couple actually got married in the Casa de Campo – outside of magistrate Alvarez’s jurisdiction. A photo from the supposed ceremony bears a striking resemblance to Jacko’s hotel digs. If true, this would mean Alvarez was not technically allowed to marry the couple and their union would not have been legally recognised. Investigator Patrick Stinson told NBC documentary A Current Affair: “Here’s the couple and magistrate Alvarez, carefully study the room. It’s identical to this room at Casa de Campo

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