Film actress Naznin Akhtar Happy’s Facebook status, in which said she has officially separated with her madrasa teacher husband, has gone viral on social networking sites. In a Facebook post early Thursday, she wrote: “The formalities regarding my divorce were completed last month. I was in a shock and lost memories of that time. However, I have been reminded of the issue tonight. What is gone is gone; I will recover soon, In-Sha-Allah.” “Please, keep me in your prayers so I can bear it,” she added. As the official Facebook page of the former actress has more than 265,000 followers, the status went viral on social networking sites immediately. However, the post was removed after 30 minutes. Later, Happy posted another status where she claimed that her Facebook account was hacked and the hacker posted the status. Recently the former actress posted a note on divorce on her Facebook page, saying “pious women also can divorce husband.” She tied the knot with a madrasa teacher on October 17 last year. Happy made her first Dhallywood debut in 2013 by starring “Kichu Asha Kichu Valobasha” (Some Hopes, Some Loves). She made headlines after she brought rape allegations against National Cricket Team player Rubel Hossain in 2014. Rubel claimed he was being blackmailed but was remanded in custody. He was released a few days later to play in the World Cup, and a court later found no evidence to convict him. Happy dropped the charges, saying she had forgiven Rubel. Later, she joined Tablighi Jamaat — a Sunni Islam evangelical movement — and took a new name, Amatullah, a female servant of Allah. #Naznin Akhtar Happy’s #released

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