Naila Nayem the new ‘Baby Doll’ Kalerkantho Online 16 March, 2018 13:05 PMShare Comments()Print Naila Nayem the new ‘Baby Doll’ Photo: Collected A- A A+ Bangladeshi sensational model-actress Naila Nayeem will soon appear in a new short film. The actress will be seen filming with Arefin Zilani in “Baby Doll”, a short film, while Shamim, Anupam and Rejwan are also among the casts. Director Nayan Babu also shares the screen as a police officer while the leading artist Zilani casts as a local gangster in the film. Nayan Babu said:”The story based on a poll-time situation and fill with suspensions. We completed the shooting on March 13 and planning to release the short film on the occasion of Pohela Boishakh (first day of Bengali New Year).” Hero Zilani works for a political leader as a gangster member in the film. In a circumstances, the “Baby Doll”, Naila Nayem falls in love with Zilani. Then the film goes through many unpredictable events with much suspensions.

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