Matic has taken the market by the storm by pumping over 500% in a few days. This project is the talk of the crypto town. While the market waits for Bitcoin to move in either direction or for major alt coins to pump, a few low Satoshi coins on Binance have started popping. Matic is one of the first and everyone on crypto Twitter to paid groups is abuzz of their gains from this token. Now that it has pumped, it is the time that the market seeks to know whether it is sound fundamentally to hold or should they take profit before it dumps. I got interested in the project but little research reveals how all the “influencers” on Twitter and Youtube are just predicting prices. I am generally wary of a project when I search about them and I see headlines like “this could make you a millionaire” or “this will be $4 at the end of the year”. As a trader and investor, would I buy it now? Or if you have a position already, would you Hodl or liquidate? #matic #Binance

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