The native token on OKEx OKB and the stable coin USDK launched recently by OKEx’s sister company OKLink and Prime Trust are listed on Bitfinex Exchange and set to begin trading on June 13. In an announcement earlier today, one of world’s largest exchange by adjusted volume OKEx’s native token OKB and stable coin USDK will launch on another prominent fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto exchange Bitfinex. Currently on Ethereum blockchain, the OKB token is expected to transition to the OKChain in July 2019. USDK, also an ERC-20 token is currently listed and traded on OKEx exchange. As per the latest post on Bitfinex, trading for OKB will be available against USD, USDt, ETH and BTC. Trading for USDK will be available against USD, USDt, ETH, BTC and EOS. In addition to the above, UNUS SED LEO (LEO), the native Bitfinex token, will launch trading on OKEx June 13th. #USDK #OKB #Okex # Bitfinex

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