Announcing Alephium Community Campaign! :gift: Get $10 :sunglasses: up to :scream: $760 🤑 :sparkle: Claim your Bounty : :small_blue_diamond: Join telegram :small_blue_diamond: Follow & retweet Alephium on Twitter :small_blue_diamond: Follow Alephium on Medium :small_blue_diamond: Subscribe Alephium on Reddit :pushpin: “We are excited to launch our brand new design website and initiate our Website Hero Image design competition as well as our Community Contribution” *Bounty tasks :point_down: :radio_button: Website Hero Image design competition, 1 selected winner will receive $500 :radio_button: For each of our Official Alephium Twitter posts ( @alephium ), we will select 1 best comment, and each selected user will receive $10. :radio_button: Each week we will select 1 best original blog post about Alephium and the selected user will receive $100. :radio_button: At the end of this event, we will draw a lottery from all participants with 100+ contribution points on the bounty platform, Gleam. 10 lucky users will each receive $100. :radio_button: Participants successfully refer 100+ real friends will receive an addition $50

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