5 Tricks to Make Your Appearance with Mini Dress More Beautiful Add beautiful and stylish!   Mini dress must be one of the fashion items that must be your must-have list. Why? besides being able to make your appearance more fashionable and trendy, this one dress is also suitable for all body shapes you know. Well, so that your style doesn’t look flat, here’s Popbela giving 5 tips that can make your appearance with a mini dress more fashionable. Read on well! 1. For a trendy casual style, you can match your mini dress with a vest. Chic! 2. Mix n match mini dress with leather jacket and tights guaranteed to make you look more edgy. 3. Don’t you use a slip dress that is too open? Use your favorite t-shirt in it. So cool! 4. For those of you who want to be different, try matching-matching mini dress with pants. So it’s more fashionable, right? 5. Additional simple accessories such as a belt will make your feminine style with a mini dress more attractive #beauty #fashion #beautiful

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