New Trends! This Beautiful Floral Nail Art Motif Inspiration As if it never fades, the trend of nail art motifs always changes to attract the attention of women. Because nail art is indeed the best complement for your appearance to look more leverage. Anything can be inspired as a nail art motif, from various animal motifs, animal skin motifs, cartoon character motifs, to the latest are very beautiful floral motifs. This one nail art trend is perfect for you women who are feminine and elegant. Let’s look at the floral nail art inspiration that is ready to decorate your beautiful nails! 1. Want to have an aesthetic look? You can try floral motifs painted on clear painted nails. 2. French-style with a touch of pink flowers and beautiful, classic Eiffel tower paintings. 3. For those of you who want to look minimalist, you can choose black or white as the base for nail color. Choose a flower motif only on one finger. 4. Looks like batik, this one floral motif is perfect for you to attend a formal event! 5. Nail style a la tumblr, choose a small rose motif with the base of modern silver glitter nails. 6. Suitable for going on vacation, you can choose a dynamic orange color with floral motifs and leaves. It’s summer vibes! 7. Look unique by choosing live flowers that are taped to your fingernails with pastel colored polish ready to perfect your appearance. Nail art with floral motifs are suitable for attending parties, going on vacation, or dating. Where do you like the floral motif Bela

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