Release Coin (REL) AirDrop (token listed) information

RELtoken issued by Release Project for distribution purpose is listed on the Cryptographic Asset Exchange HotBit and p2pb2b

【Release Coin (REL) Airdrop campaign】

Joining the Release Project Airdrop will earn 10,940 REL ($ 10).

  • ※Calculated at the rate as of 14 May 2019 12:00.(TST GMT+8)
  • ※ It will be finished when the total distributed amount reaches 10,940,000 REL Airdrop participants (first-come, first-served basis)
  • ※ About distribution of RELtoken, it will be sent within one week from the entry application date.

【Release Coin (REL) Airdrop participation conditions】

Before applying for Airdrop, please confirm that you have completed the following conditions and apply.


For Release Coin (REL) AirDrop participants

We achieved our goal of 1000 people in eight hours from the start of Airdrop.
Thank you for your participation.

This Airdrop is a first-served receptionist.

Our team follows the Twitter account and distributes RELtoken to 1000 people who have retweeted articles.

$10 worth of RELtoken “418,500REL”(Calculate at current rate)
It will be distributed around a week from now on, so stay tuned.

Also, if you did not distribute this time, please expect the second Airdrop next time.
Everyone Thank you very much.


Airdrop information is distributed in telegrams.
Look forward to the next Airdrop!

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