Release Ico Project

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Next generation social media dispersed platform Worthy information and valuation greatly change the future of SNS By improving social media which we have already launched, we will merge SNS and e-commerce, and by utilizing good quality and worthy information and block chains + big data + AI arti ..
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“Started developed #hashtag generation application!” When publishing images and text with RELEASE, we are working on application development that automatically generates hashtags using AI’s artificial intelligence! There is another “automatic # hash tag creation applicat ..
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Publish e-commerce image image! RELEASE PROJECT to undertake “social commerce” combining social media (SNS) and e-commerce (shopping)! Today, the image of e-commerce (shopping) has been released! RELEASE completes next-generation social commerce using AI artificial intelligence (de ..
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ICO information of RELEASE PROJECT (REL token) was posted to virtual currency ICO information site COIN JINJA!  RELEASE PROJECT(REL令牌)的ICO信息被發佈到虛擬貨幣ICO信息網站COIN JINJA! RELEASE PROJECT(RELトークン)のICO情報が仮想通貨ICO情報サイトCOIN JINJAに掲載されました! CoinJinja is J ..
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Information on RELEASE ICO PROJECT was posted on “ICO Pulse Places Finger at ICO Rated Pulse”! 有關RELEASE ICO PROJECT的信息發佈在“ICO Pulse Places Finger at ICO Rated Pulse”上! 「ICO Pulse Places Finger at ICO Rated Pulse」に、RELEASE ICO PROJECTの情報が掲載されました! ICO Pulse ..
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