CryptoSolo Despite the fact that this article is called CryptoSolo – on social networks you will not find these links. I promised you that I will not publish any links in my articles. But all these links will be on the Levelnaut website and I will even make a special banner on the right side to make it convenient for you to find it. Therefore, in all other social networks you can read only the announcement of this article. What will be published in it? Here you will find just a huge amount of useful information. 1. Here you will find statistics of all (or almost all) coins that are on the balance of my accounts in crypto social networks. This list and all these data will be supplemented and updated, especially if you comment on it. 2. Here you will find a detailed list of projects that are best suited for individual work and for investment. You can even find out about the project, with which you can buy your own home in the seaside resort. 3. Also here you can find the most important links of the Levelnaut website, which are necessary for working with cryptocurrency and with social networks. Therefore, I wish all readers of the Levelnaut website success and good money, and I strongly recommend everyone else to subscribe to this site and be always up to date with the most interesting projects. Boris Siomin,

Two new projects I did not write anything last week, but I have an explanation about this. However, you probably guess this. After all, if I do not write, then I am preparing something new. In short, these two projects will be called CryptoSolo and CryptoDealer. Although is dedicated to crypto social networks, there are many other useful information. And this too can be easily explained. Having a good portfolio of coins of crypto social networks is very important (and soon we will continue to speak on this topic), but this is more relevant to the future tense than today. And today everyone needs to somehow live and somehow survive. That is why, I will soon present on the site two new pages – CryptoSolo and CryptoDealer. On the page CryptoSolo will be collected projects that allow you to make money alone, without referrals and without teams, quite real money, thanks to good strategies. And the CryptoDealer project will help earn those who already have start-up capital and want to try their hand at fast projects, HYIPs and new promising crypto services that appear in the crypto world. Naturally, all this time I selected only the best projects for CryptoSolo, including with the help of our group on the BestCrypto Telegraph. As for CryptoDealer, here we have to constantly monitor everything that happens in the crypto world – there is simply no other way to succeed in this area. At the moment, you can find a lot of useful lists and collections with the help of banners on – but I still strongly advise you to subscribe to site news so as not to miss anything of the most interesting in the near future. Boris Siomin,

Half a million at Levelnaut Half a million unique visitors It is a serious milestone, to my mind. No doubts, that many people have got a lot of useful information about crypto social networks and other interesting tips and facts. I want to thank all the authors and team-members and congratulate every reader and subscriber with this significant event. So, it is obvious now, that the next milestone is 1 million, and a hope we will reach it it less then in one year. I invite you to join our community and to follow our news. Mind that the most interesting and actual information could be found in banners, in sidebar and in the last posts. See you at! Boris Siomin,

No Referrals Today I want to continue the conversation started yesterday. If you remember, we discussed teamwork and individual work in the crypto world. I am a supporter of an individual approach, because I don’t believe in team efforts today. At least, this applies to working with referrals, followers, subscribers and partners. Therefore, in this article I will tell you exactly how to work in crypto world individually, not relying on a large number of people who want to help you in earning and receiving benefits. The banner of this article will be on the Levelnaut website, so you can always easily find all the necessary information. It will be called “No referrals”. Here you will find all the necessary links that will be updated and new techniques and methods of individual work in the crypto world. Some links will be referral, but as I have already said, I haven’t been counting on the income from affiliate programs for a long time. So if you want, you can easily cut the reflinks without any remorse. It may seem to you that the sums that you can earn using the list of sites are not that big. This is a range from 1 to 10 dollars per day (depending on the time you spend). But you can easily increase it with the help of another banner on the Levelnaut website, which is called – Earn. Invest. Promote or with any others. Also, do not forget that in many projects there is a system of levels and incentives for those who work a long time (therefore I strongly recommend that you thoroughly study all the functionality and all project proposals that are listed in my list). You can also make the same list on any free blogging platform and distribute it to crypto social networks. It is possible that someone will still become your referral. By publishing your reports, reviews and impressions in the crypto social networks, you will also earn good money. In my work, I use two screens. On one I look at some interesting film, and on the other I have websites where I earn money. In other words, I simultaneously enjoy and earn cryptocurrency. Therefore, I recommend buying a second screen (the screen only, not the second computer!) and doing the same as me. In addition, you can leave your computer on at night and earn extra money with Computta or CryptoTabBrowser. So, here is a list of sites where you can earn individually and every day, not counting on income from referrals. Boris Siomin,

Three Stars As you may already know, dear readers, the BestCrypto group has completed (at the moment) to select all the best crypto Internet projects for its activity. Of course, this list will be constantly updated and improved. The number of projects in each category will not change, there will still be ten. But these lists can change depending on what is available on the cryptocurrency market. This is the main task of the BestCrypto group. With the help of this list, each of the participants will be able to work with their followers, subscribers and referrals more effectively. Today, additional labels have been added to the list of the best projects. And the best projects, starting from today, will receive three stars. I want to remind you that we share all the secrets and the best work options in the group on the Telegram, which is called BestCrypto. By the way, the number of participants in this group is growing every day, since participation in the project is free and any Internet user who speaks English or Russian, or knows how to use Google Translator, can join. Boris Siomin,

What to do? People don’t follow me! People do not respond to my invitations! I will not succeed! There is no point in what I do! What should I do???? Do you know what is written above? If the answer is yes, then continue reading and find the answer. 1. First of all, you need to understand that between your advertising and the payment of what you offer is UNIVERSE. Why? Because people do not like to change their habits. On the Internet, they will prefer to get for free, to steal or, at best, not to do anything. 2. What do you do? Think about yourself. Build your way. Be happy with the knowledge that you like to do what you do and you think it is right. Be happy about the fact that you are changing something in yourself, that you are trying to jump out of the squirrel wheel of a routine, that you are building YOUR WAY. When people see that you succeed and you feel good, they will come themselves. People are curious, they want to understand WHY you feel good. And they also want to FEEL GOOD. So, in fact – everything is simple, do not complicate your life. Boris Siomin,

Plan B – works For almost a week I did not write anything new. Nothing supernatural during this time has happened. The Israeli spacecraft fell during landing on the Moon, but it is not so big tragedy. First, the development of the Bereshit 2 project has already begun, and very soon this attempt will be repeated. And secondly, the wonderful Plan B, which I mentioned before, has already taken off ToTheMoon and it works just fine. Now I can work with more confidence with all projects from the Gold List on the Levelnaut website. In just a few days, more than 60 new participants have already been added to our group in Telegram, and they all began to actively participate in the Plan B project. I want to remind you that the main task of the Plan B project is to reduce the risks of investing in cryptocurrency as much as possible and now we can say with confidence that such a solution has been found. Moreover, diversification works not only in terms of the crypto, but also fiat investments. Naturally, I now have much less time for posts and articles, but I think you are not upset, because I have already told you about the most important thing. On the other hand, the hottest work is happening right inside the project, in our Telegram group, and anyone can join it at any time. Even today, right now read the article about which I wrote above and draw the right conclusions. And now I will go to Plan B. The week has just begun and there is still a lot of work ahead. I wish you all peace, positive, successful search for your Moon and a good landing when you find it. Boris Siomin,

BestCrypto starts ToTheMoon I do not know how quickly the rate of Bitcoin will grow. Most likely ToTheMoon will begin the nearest time. But for me another topic is much more important – the BestCrypto project is exactly starting its flight ToTheMoon. In this article I will not give any links, so as not to annoy anyone. But if you want to know how to find the BestCrypto, then it is very easy to do. On the Levelnaut website on the right side there are banners and there you can find a link to this group in Telegram. I already wrote about this project and talked about the fact that it appeared after a series of unsuccessful starts and explained the reasons for the failures. Unfortunately, today on the Internet there are just a huge number of offers that only discredit cryptocurrency, bitcoin and the idea of ​​the blockchain as a whole. Therefore, we decided to focus only on the best, most proven projects and set to work using the collective mind. We have selected everything that is the best and most effective in the crypto world today and started working as a team. Every day newcomers come to us. Yesterday, for example, CEO Markethive Thomas Prendergast joined us, who also liked the idea of ​​our project. He immediately shared with us the insider information and announced that very soon the possibility of investing btc and eth would appear in Markethive. Naturally, after such information there appeared an idea of ​​a more serious entering the Russian-language market, too. At the same time, thanks to a direct connection with the admins of OnTheTop and Ethereal, English-language versions of these projects are being prepared, which also gives excellent prospects for entering the international market. We expect very serious news from Telegram, which will soon launch its blockchain and Gram coin and many other projects. This news appears every day and it is very nice. But we are not a closed community or sect. We are ready to share insider information with all Internet users. Therefore, we invite you to join our group in Telegram. Boris Siomin,

CryptoBest group in Telegram By the last time we have started a lot of new projects, and this fact allows us to make the following conclusion. Nowadays life is so complicated, that it is hard to take part in one project only. Unfortunately, too many of crypto projects fail. It is not a big surprise, crypto sphere is still a new concept and that is why it is not stable enough. Anyway, there are some suitable forms of team-work, and at least we can check the best offers and opportunities together and share them in our BestCrypto group in Telegram. If you want to join our group, you can check the projects that we discuss or share your own information, but before joining read the group description and rules in the pinned post there. We should avoid here – the usual spam. That is why – we can share any links – but obligatory to guide/lead/explain/help other group members and patiently answer their “howto” questions. Members that only place links without explanations will be banned in order to avoid spam. We have enough moderators, but if you want to be one more – feel free to contact admin @borishaifa and to inform about it. And of course, you can invite your friends to our community too. The more information we have, the more successful we are as a team. Boris Siomin,