In terms of natural beauty, the name of one of the other countries came forward. Switzerland Switzerland is not a country that does not say the natural beauty of this country, because we know that many of the high-profile people of this country are very tall and do not look like they love to see the beauty And the people of Switzerland are in such a way that they all make pictures of their own mountain And everyone will see how nice you are, but not all of them have noticed it, but some people are currying and going from there, then those who will come here to visit #Switzerland #mountain #siwzerland nature

Most of the people in Bangladesh mean 95 percent people are followers of Muslim religion and most of them all want to come home when Eid is not, most of the Bangladeshi people are poor and they work in Dhaka city’s capital city and earn money from there and come home during Eid And while coming home during Eid, somebody comes home by bus on the train while they are coming home Take a lot of trouble to see that there is no place for people to take trains on their trains. You see all of them #trains #capital city dhaka #bangladesh capital city #come home during eid #poor people journey train #95%muslim in Bangladesh

Today, the National Picture has been given a lot less meaning that a pictures are done on it. I am not really happy that I am going to a National Picture right now, the beautiful picture is about the nature of Bangladesh. We know that in Bangladesh a beautiful beautiful country I also have many times I have said earlier but I do not have anything to say about it but I do believe in posting. #Nataional picture beautiful picture #bangladesh #countrt #psting #folow